Rosemary & Lemon Butter Cookies

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Today was my last day teaching garden classes before summer starts. What better way to close the fun-filled year than to make sweets with one’s students? ;-)

The idea for this lesson was to introduce some unique & easy recipes using ingredients from the kids’ garden. One of my students suggested cookies. At first, I was slightly hesitant about baking dessert with them. But at the same time, I knew it would be more fun than the usual Kale Salad. Plus, we don’t have veggies growing in this new garden yet, so I didn’t have much to work with… So I opted for an HERB recipe.

Due to testing and last-week-of-school activities, my students didn’t actually end up attending my baking class; so I made these treats for the front desk instead. Needless to say, the staff was overjoyed and amazed :-)


These cookies are surprisingly easy if you use store-bought sugar cookie dough. If not, you can make your own. Anyone have a good recipe you want to share? :-)

Rosemary & Lemon Butter Cookies
A summer twist on the classic shortbread or sugar cookie.
  1. sugar cookie or shortbread dough
  2. dried, crushed rosemary (1/4 cup per dozen cookies)
  3. lemon zest (1 lemon per dozen cookies)
  1. Cut the sugar cookie dough into cubes, or roll into balls.
  2. Dip each cube/ball into a bowl of mixed lemon zest and rosemary.
  3. Place cookies 2 inches apart on an ungreased baking sheet (or you can use parchment).
  4. Bake at 375F for 10-12 minutes.
  5. Let cool for 10 minutes on cookie sheet before transferring to cooling rack.
Oh My Foodness!
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