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Hi, everyone! I’m Hope, the author of Oh My Foodness! Since I can remember, I’ve loved being in the kitchen. Cooking and baking challenge me to be creative, to problem solve and to learn new skills. Plus eating is one of my favorite things! I thank my mom who taught me basic cooking and baking techniques until I was eighteen years old; and to the various TV and Youtube personalities who mentor me now.

In 2012, while pursing a bachelor’s in Nutrition and Dietetics, I had the exciting opportunity to volunteer with a local urban farm where I learned about the importance of supporting local farmers, the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables and how to eat in season. It was from this experience that I developed a passion for urban farming culture and sustainability. From 2014-2018, I worked as a Garden Educator and Urban Famer at local inner city elementary schools before settling in an office job.

This blog started in 2010 as a platform for me to document my ideas, share my recipes and grow in presentation skills. My style is homecooked meals that are affordable, nutritious, packed with flavors and simple to make. But occasionally I step up to the challenge and make a recipe that is more complicated or takes several hours. So some recipes that you read here will take 15 minutes. And some will take a whole day (I work on laundry and watch cooking shows in between steps!).

Many recipes are adaptions from various cookbooks, online recipes and Youtube so they might not be tested as tried and true. Feel free to comment and let me know if the recipe did not work for you and why. I am continuing learning how to recipe develop; the most recent recipes should be more reliable than the ones in the back of the archive.

I thank God, my husband, families and readers or their support; and to my brother for the idea for the title Oh My Foodness!

This blog contains affiliated links, which means that if you click on them and/or purchase the items I am endorsing, you are supporting this blog. If you like what you read, please consider the links posted. Many thanks!

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