EnrichLA: Tasting Apples with My Students

apple tasting 2

I can’t believe it’s already two weeks until school ends. On June 5th, my contract with EnrichLA that began in January will be end, leaving me with nothing better to do than enjoy a beautiful two-month summer vacay in sunny and beach-breezy Los Angeles where Cobalt and I have resided since October. Praise God, I did get a summer job working at a nearby plant nursery! I am super excited to learn from the employees there and have a chance to live in paradise for a few hours every week.


Isn’t it darling?!

Funny thing about this time of year, preceding summer. The weather hasn’t exactly made up it’s mind yet if it wants to be summer or not. One week the temp’s in the 80s and another it’s high 60s. Regardless, I tend to wear an assortment of colored v-neck t-shirts and jean shorts to the schools I visit so A) I’m comfortable when taking care of the gardens and teaching classes B) I’m more recognized, and C) I know which pocket carries my harvesting scissors, my random seed collection and my phone-camera.

I may bring a jacket but usually I’m thrilled by the subtle breezes that cool the harsh sunshine. (In Tennessee breezes AND sun are a rarity, so here I make a point not to take them for granted!) Yet, I smile when receiving funny looks and comments by winter-coat-wearing teachers and bystanders. They usually ask: “You’re not from around here are you!?”

Sometimes I really want to ask them why they wear a winter coat in beautiful 65-degree weather! ;-) Haha.

But that’s just the climate in LA. Because it’s not humid, when the temperature does drop, it feels colder faster. But even then, it’s still not as cold as the 15-degree winters I’ve lived through in Tennessee with little house insulation or money to pay for my heat bill.

65-degree weather ain’t nuthin’. ;-)


I’ve been cherishing the dry, breezy and fresh days here. It makes up for the fact that Los Angeles is one of the most polluted cities in the United States. Given, my lungs have noticed (I feel a little more light headed and deprived of fresh air here) but the sunshine makes me smile too much to notice. I’ve even been able to acquire a faint tan from working in its rays! Pretty good for a pale European-blood like myself. ;-P

One of my favorite lessons to introduce to Kindergartners and early Elementary students is Apple Tasting. We experience the smells, tastes, flavors, textures and appearances of three different kinds of apples: Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious Apples.

apple tasting 2


For the younger kids, I give them a piece of paper with three different apples on it for them to color and then choose smiley or sad faces to cast their vote on if they liked or disliked the apple, respectively.


Usually Honeycrisp is their favorite! Its one of mine, too!


 On the back, I ask the kids to write a sentence as to why they like each apple.


“I liked this apple because it is juicey.”

I sure will miss my students this summer but look forward to (hopefully) working with them again next year, Lord willing!

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