Teaching Garden Classes with EnrichLA

Me teaching a portion of the Parts of the Plant lesson by giving examples of different fruits and vegetables that we eat that represent each PART of a plant: Stem (celery), Flower (broccoli), Fruit (tomato), Root (carrot) and Leaf (spinach) !

Happy Thursday!

I don’t think I’ve had a chance to share with you guys my new job that I started in January! Essentially, I’m a Garden Ranger for EnrichLA, a non-profit whose mission is to put gardens “in every school” in Los Angeles. My job–as well as the other Rangers–is to go to the schools assigned to me as a sort of “guest speaker” and teach kids classes about, but not limited to: How to Plant Seeds (and Seed Saving), Beneficial versus Harmful Bugs, Composting, Parts of a Plant, Cooking Classes (making salad or apple tasting) and Endangered Species (like the Monarch and Palos Verdes Blue Butterflies).

Having a recent love for urban farming and cultivating my own fruits and vegetables, I’ve been aching to teach young kids about the importance of being mindful about HOW food grows; what fruits/vegs LOOK like when they grow; what FRESH fruits and vegetables TASTE like; and the JOY of growing your own food.

I’ve been blessed to volunteer with this organization since October and then to be presented with a position at the beginning of the year! Here’s a little snippet of what I’ve been up to since the Fall…I hope you smile just as much as I do when I re-browse these photos! :-)



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One thought on “Teaching Garden Classes with EnrichLA

  1. Hope, in the photos presented, you look like you are as happy as a bunny in a briar patch, a plant life that is inedible as far as I know, but offers other advantages to real bunnies who share in the love of gardening and need to hide their enjoyment from Farmer Brown. Whew? That was a long one.

    Grandma and I are so happy for you that you are able to share your interests with little children who possess those “sponge like” minds. This must be a real joy for you.
    God bless you and Cobalt as you make a life there in L.A.
    I know this has been going on for a good while, but it just popped up on my Facebook, so that’s why I am just now responding.

    We love you.

    Grandpa and Grandma

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