Smoothies: Common Ingredients, Combinations & Techniques


I love smoothies because they’re super easy to make!

Step 1: Place foods in the blender. . .
Step 2: Put the top on. . .
Step 3: Press “pulse” a few times and then press a “blend” button (they all ultimately do the same thing)

Below I’ve listed a few common ingredients used for smoothies, some common combinations and several techniques.  The rest of the fun is up to you!  As long as you keep the blender top ON, there’s really no “wrong” way to make a smoothie. (Unless of course you find smashed up fruit on your ceiling a delectable treat  ;))  . . .You can even combine strange flavors–or at least, what I would call strange!–if your taste buds can handle it! :)

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Common ingredients:

bananas, strawberries, berries, peaches, citrus (oranges, lemons, limes)…

juices (fruit, carrot), milk (cow, soy, almond), water…

kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots…

nut butters, yogurts, avocado. . .


Common combinations:

frozen banana + nut butter + milk and/or a TBS of cocoa powder

frozen fruit (including banana) + fruit juice

frozen fruit (including banana) + milk

banana + spinach + fruit yogurt + milk

citrus + milk + ice (dreamsicle anyone?)


  • Don’t be afraid to just toss things into the blender!! Proportions don’t matter as long as there’s enough liquid for the blade to whip the ingredients.
  • If you know that your blender can’t handle bulk, place the ingredients in it a little at a time.
  • Likewise, if your blender can’t crush up rock-hard frozen fruit, microwave the fruit briefly before blending it. Not until it’s melted but just so it’s a little softer.
  • After adding ingredients to the blender and putting on the lid, “pulse” them a few times until everything is almost blended. Finish with one of the “blend” buttons, holding it for about 15-30 seconds.
  • If the ingredients aren’t mixing in a spiral-like fashion, turn OFF the blender, stir and/or add more liquid and try again.
  • Frozen bananas create a smooth texture just like ice cream! Use them in place of ice.


Enjoy!!! :)

IMG_8641_ (2) (427x640)

Check out this green smoothie!!

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