Easy #Blueberry Pie

It seems like only yesterday that I was picking blueberries with my friend. And now, sadly, the season is over! Fortunately, there was still had a good amount of blueberries left in my freezer to make Cobalt yet another birthday pie! (aaand two years ago) I used my recipe for Easy Oil Crust from an Apple Pie […]

Apple Coconut Cake

Nothing beats a morning working hard on a farm in the hot summer sun like a group potluck! Every Wednesday and Friday at Crabtree Farms (where I Workshare), the farmers share lunch together. Every volunteer and employee brings something to contribute. I love the different cooking styles, flavors, and passions; and am amazed that most […]

5 Reason Why I Love Local Farming

  Hey guys! You’ve probably heard me talk before about Crabtree Farms in Chattanooga and my experiences there, along with some recipes I’ve made thanks to their plentiful harvest! Well, this year I have signed up to be in their CSA, which stands for Community Supporting Agriculture. This is different from just volunteering because once a week […]

Farmers Market

I love Farmer’s Markets. The hub bub of families anxious to buy their week of groceries. The happy smile of vendors enthusiastic about their crops. The beautiful colors and smells of fresh produce. …ahhh it’s a delight! Recently I started volunteering at a local market in Chattanooga (pictured above). It’s been a blast so far, […]

Harvesting Kale

This week, my sister-in-law Cyan (pictured above) and I harvested all the kale from mine and Cobalt‘s fall garden. We had planted the twenty-five seedlings in the yard in early September 2012, but since they barely grew over winter (we discovered the winter sun’s angle JUST misses the kale patch during these months), Cobalt and […]

All About Autumn: Our Garden Update

I don’t know about you, but fall happens to be my favorite season. The smells, sights, tastes, sounds and weather are so full of surprises and so much different from summer’s! I love drinking hot tea, hot chocolate or chai tea lattes on a brisk morning; sledding on colorful, crunchy leaves; feeling the cold air […]