Harvesting Kale


This week, my sister-in-law Cyan (pictured above) and I harvested all the kale from mine and Cobalt‘s fall garden. We had planted the twenty-five seedlings in the yard in early September 2012, but since they barely grew over winter (we discovered the winter sun’s angle JUST misses the kale patch during these months), Cobalt and I decided to let them grow through spring, too. However, with the warm weather and the sun shining ON the patch now, the plants shot up within a week and happily started growing seed pods. (Leafy greens do this when they’re finished with their season.) Before they exploded with new life, I decided to pull out the plants to save the kale from turning bitter.




(taken by Cyan)

Once inside, I washed the kale Crabtree Farms  style: I filled up my sink with water, cut the long stems off the plants (to save and hopefully use later for seeding) and placed the kale in the water to soak for about 15 minutes. Then, I pulled out the kale and laid them on clean towels to dry for a few hours.


Don’t they look yummy? :)  This kale will be lovely in soups, salads and snacks!

Recipe for Tuna Wraps and Cabbage, Carrot and Kale Salad!

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2 thoughts on “Harvesting Kale

  1. You made me remember the kale on my deck! Yum…that will definitely be harvested and put in dinner tonight!

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