Affordable Chili in 30 minutes

Last year for Christmas – mine and Cobalt’s first Christmas being engaged – my aunt gave us a lovely and thoughtful present. It included some homemade vanilla extract and some Texas themed chili seasoning mix. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to make chili for one of our many making-food-together-at-each-others’-apartments dates. But the winter came and […]

Pumpkin EggNog Pancakes

Today, I had leftover canned pumpkin from pumpkin bagels I made the other day, so I made this recipe for my hubby who has been requesting for pancakes! These pumpkin eggnog pancakes were really fluffy and flavorful! (The pumpkin was a fabulous addition to normal pancake mix.) Also, they were SUPER easy to make. Took me maybe 45 […]

Creamy Iced Vanilla Irish Breakfast Tea

Nothing like a cool drink to refresh yourself during a warm afternoon! :) …Made this iced drink after coming inside from gardening (working on a new row where I’ll plant more carrots!). Using the Irish breakfast tea still in my mug from breakfast, I added 3 more ingredients in the following order to my glass: […]

Four Squash Puree: A Seasonal Summer Soup

(image from Tennessee Home & Farm) Since Cobalt (my husband) and I began imagining our garden, I’ve had an inkling to learn more. ‘Tis my dream to one day have a sustainable garden; and to establish and participate  in community gardens in my future career as a dietitian. However, instead of solely reading books and internet knowledge, […]