Affordable Chili in 30 minutes

Last year for Christmas – mine and Cobalt’s first Christmas being engaged – my aunt gave us a lovely and thoughtful present. It included some homemade vanilla extract and some Texas themed chili seasoning mix. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to make chili for one of our many making-food-together-at-each-others’-apartments dates. But the winter came and […]

All About Autumn: Our Garden Update

I don’t know about you, but fall happens to be my favorite season. The smells, sights, tastes, sounds and weather are so full of surprises and so much different from summer’s! I love drinking hot tea, hot chocolate or chai tea lattes on a brisk morning; sledding on colorful, crunchy leaves; feeling the cold air […]

Morning of the 12th

I blended up this smoothie a couple of days ago. After eating one serving, I froze the remaining contents in 2 small plastic cups. When it came time to eat a frozen one, I put one of the cups in the microwave and pressed “Auto Defrost.” (I then watched it so the plastic cup and […]