Stuffed Rainbow Peppers

The other day after a morning volunteering in the greenhouse at Crabtree Farms (shameless plug: volunteering here makes my heart happy!), I took home several sweet peppers for stuffing purposes. I was thinking stuffed peppers would be a good dinner alongside chicken or fish but my mother–who came in town this week–and I ended up making […]

Grilled Green Beans

Super delicious with the turkey burgers I made last week, these grilled green beans makes a fabulous French fry substitute! I seriously almost ate Cobalt’s portion after devouring mine!! Grilled Green Beans Ingredients 1 TBS Oil for every two cups green beans Green Beans, ends trimmed Garlic and onion powder (or freshly minced garlic and onion) Salt Pepper Directions In a […]

Backpack Snack: Cereal Trail Mix

Find this recipe on Tales of a Mountain Mama   Ingredient Ideas Cereal (cheerios, chex mix…) Nuts, whole or chopped (peanuts, almonds…) Candies (M&Ms, choc chips, yogurt covered raisins…) Dried Fruit (raisins, craisins, bananas, apricots…) Bite-sized pretzels, bagel chips, etc. Directions 1. Pour all ingredients into a bowl and toss well. 2. Distribute in snack bags or […]

Tuna Wraps + Cabbage, Carrot and Kale Salad

“Today” Waking to the sound of birds’ happy chirps instead of alarms’ bellowing honks – oh! how restful slumbers and joyful morning songs suddenly soothe my week of worries. Walking outside, into the warmth of the yellow globe above — I find its smile also to be contagious. Whooshing briskly past, tickling my rosy-ing cheeks […]