How to Bake, Part 1: Ingredients

  Did you know that baking is chemistry? So — because baking is chemistry, it’s very important that you always, always follow the recipe. I’m really talking to myself here because I’d rather read a recipe over once and throw it out the window. But every time that happens, my cookies never turn out how […]

How to: Easy Fettuccini

Today I bring to you the most delicious and EASY Fettuccini you’ll ever eat. Watch this video to learn how! I didn’t use smoked fish, just extra vegetables (red peppers, broccoli, green beans and peas) and diced chicken. But it was amazing. Also, Jamie used reduced fat milk for the Alfredo sauce which makes it […]

How to Make Homemade Rolls

Ever since my mom taught me how to bake my own bread I’ve avoided buying it from the store. Not only does homemade bread TASTE better but it’s such a joy to make. Having the opportunity to add whatever ingredients I want to it–aside from the basic recipe–and actually to be AWARE of what ingredients are in it!…to touch the dough, to shape it, to […]

How to Read a Recipe: Start with Ingredients

If you’re like many cooks, you may struggle with reading recipes.  So today I will do my best to discuss this topic.  My plan is for this post to be Part 1: Ingredients, and a future post be Part 2: Technique. But we’ll see what happens. Below are the points I will cover today: 1. […]