Our Garden!

garden is big

When Cobalt (my fiancĂ© whom I’m marrying in less than a month!) moved to Chattanooga nearly two months ago, he started our garden.

Here’s a picture of our tomato plants! He planted romas and cherries; and also sweet peppers. When I move there next month, we’ll transport them to raised beds. We hope to also plant radishes, squash, potatoes, carrots, and kale….and maybe some other veggies :)

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to grow our own food. And I’m looking forward to how much we will save at the grocery store!

On that note, yes! I would agree: fresh produce is very expensive. But! If you have the resources to grow at least one or two veggies (I would suggest potatoes – sweet, purple, red, white – and tomatoes), you can save so much money!

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