Garden Pictures from Beginning ’til Now

This year has been so much fun starting our very own garden!! Below is a gallery of pictures of our garden from the beginning until now. Feel free to click on any picture to view the slideshow. (Press “ESC” to return to my blog.) I’m so excited to share them with you all! Like it? […]

Recipe Modification: Chocolate Mocha Brownies

Heehee, here’s that recipe for the “interesting brownies” I was talking about on my facebook page. – – – – – I’ve been craving brownies for a while…. Rich, FUDGY, chocolate-y brownies. But alas! I don’t have any cocoa powder or chocolate chips – an obvious necessity for anything chocolate! When I began looking for […]

Homemade Three Bean Burgers

I’ve wanted to make bean burgers for about a week now but I forgot until I suggested the idea to Cobalt late tonight. He was excited about it and even helped me with this recipe and pictures :) As we often do, Cobalt and I used the ingredients that we had in our fridge and […]

Four Squash Puree: A Seasonal Summer Soup

(image from Tennessee Home & Farm) Since Cobalt (my husband) and I began imagining our garden, I’ve had an inkling to learn more. ‘Tis my dream to one day have a sustainable garden; and to establish and participate  in community gardens in my future career as a dietitian. However, instead of solely reading books and internet knowledge, […]

Cobalt’s Birthday Pie

Cherry pie is my husband’s absolute favorite. But when I was making it for this birthday last week, I realized I only had ONE can of cherry pie filling. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any time or money to buy another can…so what was I to do? Ah! Use what was in my fridge! One orange, […]

Our Garden Update: Finally Growing Again!

ROMA TOMATOES SWEET PEPPERS Our garden is VERY slowly but surely growing! These are the most recent pictures of the Roma tomatoes and sweet peppers (compared to the picture in early May). They’re a bit small compared to the what they’re supposed to be by now – fruitful. But the heat has definitely gotten to […]

Our Garden!

When Cobalt (my fiancé whom I’m marrying in less than a month!) moved to Chattanooga nearly two months ago, he started our garden. Here’s a picture of our tomato plants! He planted romas and cherries; and also sweet peppers. When I move there next month, we’ll transport them to raised beds. We hope to also […]