Happy New Year (2018)!

A butterfly at one of my gardens :)

Happy New Year to all of you!

Having been absent for an embarrassing amount of time, I am convinced that the omission of this greeting last January caused me to neglect this blog for a second year. In truth, I began a full-time job 2 1/2 years ago and also moved from a 1400 sq-ft house (with a decent kitchen, a dishwasher and a consistent photography setup) to a 450 sq-ft studio apartment (with a teeny kitchen, no dishwasher and little space to take photos). Needless to say, I have not had the time or space to keep up with the massive cooking operations of a food blogger. While I still cook and bake regularly, my time-consuming occupation at the moment is being a garden educator.


Since September 2015, I’ve been working alongside a local nonprofit, building school gardens in southern Los Angeles and educating kids in primary and secondary schools. Two dozen Rangers and I visit our assigned schools weekly and teach the basics of gardening, life science, nutrition and food justice. Being fresh out of college when hired, I expected to have this sort of occupation many years down the road after becoming an experienced farmer in fruit and vegetable growing, chicken raising and farmer’s market organizing. Indeed, I was terrified of becoming a teacher at first! But to my surprise, I’ve been learning enormously on the job through the daily experience of gardening as well as the studying and writing of curriculum we use for our lessons. Ironically, I think I’ll use this experience towards my future dream of being a homestead farmer instead of the other way around. You can follow the farming fun on my Instagram @thegardenlady!

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Just last week, a couple of days following Christmas, I was revisiting my yearly goals list (I prefer this to “new years resolutions”), and noticed one of several bullet points that I didn’t check off:

wpid-img_20180101_1412462982402072339235200.jpg“start up blog again, even if once / month

If you follow me on my foodie Instagram, @hope_omf, I’ve been attempting to live out this goal by posting more photos regularly this year. But I admit — and you can probably tell — I’ve not put much effort into taking attractive photos and definitely have not kept a record of the recipes I’ve made.

So this year (I am making the decision now while the guilt is fresh, haha), I am going to commit to:

  1. shooting better photos, even if I continue to post only on Instagram for a bit while I get back on my feet
  2. and writing out every recipe that I post a picture of, whether I made it up or whether I credit it from another source.

Being a realist, I am aware that I may not reach this goal 100%. But one cannot accomplish something if a decision to begin is not made!

If you are one of my devoted followers and wish to see certain recipes shared on this blog, feel free to comment below or in the Contact tab in the menu above. I certainly would rather share recipes that you would enjoy, so this feedback is most welcome!

Happy New Year everyone! Many blessings to you and yours.

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