Carcinogenic Rice??

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Hi there.

This soapbox topic today is provided by freedom of speech. I don’t want to appear angry by any means; but hear me out if you would be so kind. I merely want to begin a discussion about Picking Our Battles in the Foodie World :)

In 2012, several media including Huffington PostNPR and WebMD wrote articles bringing an interesting phenomenon to light: rice has cancer-causing properties, all due to its growing conditions.  Rice grows in a swampy terrain where remnants of arsenic are left behind from long-ago, discontinued lead-arsenic pesticide and arsenic-ridden manure fertilizer (the drug had been given to the animals for disease-preventative purposes). Therefore, the rice growing in the field (especially brown rice) absorbs the “contaminated” water, bearing a risk to humans.

What befuddles me greatly is how wishy washy this information is handed to us. Hasn’t rice been eaten for centuries (even during the arsenic pesticide days) without any known issues, all the while being heart healthy and cancer preventative?

And as for Picking Our Battles, is eating brown rice any worse than the crap we’re already ingesting in America — fast food, food additives, artificial coloring, pesticide-poisoned fruits/vegetables, sugar substitutes, flavor enhancers, etc.? What about tanning in the sun, drinking excessive alcohol, and taking drugs?

What do you think?

Should arsenic-contaminated rice be the least of our worries or the forefront?

What about people who have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance? Are they supposed to eliminate rice from their diets now also?

Feel free to comment below with your kind, thought-provoking, educated ideals.  I think some clarity is needed to shed some light on this subject to set my mind at ease ;) Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Carcinogenic Rice??

  1. Hi Hope, I once had a friend who was on a soapbox (albeit a small one) about how terrible red food color is. In almost the next breath she said she was giving her children some fruit loops. Hmmm. I sort of stopped listening after that. You have use common sense and listen to a multitude of people. Thanks for your post! So proud of you! Judy Chancey

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