I’m Taking a Vacation…

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Featured image taken by goldenhourphotola.com

…not a literal vacation, considering my birthday and Thanksgiving just came and went. And since Cobalt and I live in a touristy city (the beach being only 20 minutes away).

No. Rather, I’m going to take a blogging vacation…

It’s not that I don’t like writing, taking and editing photos and sharing my kitchen discoveries/recipes with you all! It’s one of my dreams come true, regardless of the fact I haven’t figured out a non-annoying way to make money doing it…

I’m merely experiencing a bit of writers block.  I realized all of a sudden today that my recipe repertoire is rather small and I’m afraid I’ve reached the end of it.  Time to look up some new recipes! And learn some new photography skills.  And buy some new photo decor…

I also want to use this time to “clean up” what’s on oh-my-foodness.com as I noticed there are broken links and missing pictures everywhere that need to be found and updated.  Sorry if you’ve been clicking around on the site and seen little sad faces where pictures should be.  I’ve been aware of this little dude’s presence for some time and simply have been too lazy to wipe his tears… #woops #immagetonthat

Additionally, I’d like to be more diligent about planning new posts!

I’m all ears — if you guys have suggestions please feel free to let me know via any of my social media options (links on top right of page in sidebar).  Though I shant be away but a week or two, I’ll definitely continue to be active on FB and Instagram and Pinterest (I’m not much of a Twitter type). If you find a recipe on Pinterest you like, send it my way and I’ll add it to my “things to make” list. :)

Thanks for understanding and journeying with me in the lovely blogging world!


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